Another stable update is up! After hitting several betas, we are glad to announce that this release marks another stable version. There has been a minor bumpy ride in between betas, but don’t worry, we have everything covered and hopefully fixed.

This release brings a hosts of changes, ranging from bug fixes and minor enhancement to new features. You can check the complete changelog below:

– A lot of Bug fixes
– Improved Android N (7.0) support
– Added support for RTL languages
– Translations updated
– Fix NPE on Nexus 5x, 6p and 6
– BootReceiver updated, fix for MIUI
– Optimize L Speed app to work on all Chromebooks and non-touchscreen devices
– Code optimization
– Design updated
– Added Option for enabling Low RAM flag
– Added option for heap optimization
– Added text changing according to workout in splashscreen
– Added One plus 3 ram manager fix
– Added wakelock disabling options(Kernel support needed)
– Added runtime optimization, tuning for ART and Dalvik
– Added firebase push notifications
– Added keepScreenOn flags to all activities
– Removed disabling Dalvik code cache size on 1GB+ devices
– Better cleaning mechanism
– Better zRam implementation
– Added IO Tweaks support for UFS storage chip
– IO parameters updated
– Splashscreen updated
– Kernel tweaks updated
– Ram manager updated
– Google DNS updated
– RIL Tweaks updated
– Moderate cache reclaiming profile updated
– Battery improvement updated
– Disable debugging updated
– Logging updated
– Better call quality updated
– Fixed disappearing of assertive display
– Firebase implemented
– Removed clearing usagestats from cleaner
– Kernel sleepers updated
– Fixed FC after root checking
– Improved overall app speed
– Fixed Net buffers
– Libraries updated
– Added a button for live support from help section
– Ask for storage permission while setup L Speed
– Fixed Wifi sleeper
– Apply for a beta tester directly from an app
– Default boot execution time increased to 10secs after boot.