L Speed

Improve performances, extend battery life


Welcome to the official website of L Speed

L Speed is a modification that combines tweaks inside an intuitive application, Its goal is to improve overall performance, reduce significant lags, and extend battery life.

The mod will and should work on any device that meets its minimum requirement.
You only need a rooted Android device, Android 4.0 and later is needed for L Speed app to function properly.


Why L Speed?

The most obvious question: Why to go with L Speed than Mod X or Y?
Check the user reviews on xda-developers forum or Google Play Store, they say it all!
Still not impressed?
– Try it and decide by your own!


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38 thoughts on “About

  1. See the android app “Anspeeder, lag remove”, how fast my device(LG D693 – LowEnd) is now. The lags have been reduced considerably, awesome!!! LSpedd is installed and configured as well. Perhaps you could search and try to implement some features of this new app. Just a suggestion… 😉


  2. Paget96. Tolongkan tingkatkan lagi LNet Optimizernya. Juga Seeder nya sudah diatur ke agresif tapi entropynya masih rendah. Tolong Diperbaiki. 👍👏👌✌KEEP WORK

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  3. Hey Pagieee ^_^

    Hm Somehow my L Speed doesnt work anymore, the scripts are beeing processed after boot, but i feel no difference anymore when switiching profiles or do any changes 😦

    Possible that App2sd extra functions like ( swap, sd boost ) have something to do with it ?
    Or, maybe my build in system Apps….something must “undo” any script changes y_y

    ..If anyone could help me fixing my build.prop at least *cry*
    ~My battery drain is horrible since bought the phone~


  4. Yes from the Play Store, before i always was using alpha&betha.
    I think i added to much in the build prop.

    I try today to use my buil prop backup and the last betha hm :/

    Its just freaking horrible that even the original build prop restrict me modifying stuff like *read_ahead* etc. *screww this Alcatel* hehe

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  5. i given up y_y

    My custpack folder has to many security apps in it, at least im able to add lines to build.prop :c

    But i got my Mother to install L Speed hehewe and shes 58yrs old ^_^

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