L Speed

Improve performances, extend battery life

Changelog stable

– Fixed a problem with closing root shell
– Fixed boost scheduler info button
– Updated zram calculation
– Updated IO Boost
– Added zzmoove support to governor tuner
– Replaced battery calibration with wipe battery statistics

– Added NET Speed+
– Added Fstrim scheduler
– Added Governor tuner execution timer control
– Added Boost scheduler
– Fixed crashing on doze service
– Improved NET Tcp tweaks
– Fixed wakelock toggle states
– Updated disable motion sensor description
– Kernel tweaks separated in profiles and updated
– Removed keep screen on while user is in app
– Updated Boot receiver
– Updated scheduler tuner
– Updated partition remount
– Updated balanced RAM profile
– Updated battery calibration
– Updated disable debugging
– Updated Kernel sleepers optimization
– Updated Cleaner
– Updated Design
– Updated package replaced service
– Updated Battery improvement
– Updated Governor tuner
– Fixed cluster on governor tuner
– Updated KSM parameters
– Updated IO boost
– Added Romanian translation
– Updated Portuguese(BR) translation
– Updated French translation
– Updated Russian translation
– Overall code fixes and improvements

– Bug fixes
– Removed remounting /system on boot
– Updated reboot function
– Doze service updated
– Battery calibration updated
– Kernel tweaks updated
– Flag tuner updated
– Kernel sleepers optimization updated
– Fixed logging issue
– Scheduler tuner updated
– Fixed some permissions
– Fixed crash on performing animation
– Updated IO Remount, using busybox mount
– Disable debugging updated
– Updated NET TCP tweaks(Fixed problems with bad connection)
– Updated boot service
– GovTuner updated
– Libs updated

– Bug fixes
– Added Schedtune booster
– Added Light Doze optimizations(6.0+)
– Added Aggressive doze toggle(6.0+)
– Added Disable motion detection(6.0+)
– Added CRC Check mechanism
– Backup and restore improved
– Help section updated
– Minor bugs fixed
– GovTuner updated
– RAM Manager updated
– Partition remount updated
– Fixed some app crashing
– Updated boot service
– Improve battery updated
– IO Boost updated
– Removed 3072kb readAhead from SD Tweak and fixed crashing
– Updated runtime optimizations
– Scheduler tuner updated
– Extend IO queue updated
– CPU Optimization updated
– Fixed kernel tweaks
– Disable debuggers fixed
– Virtual memory updated
– Added script execution after restoring backup
– Added in app changelog(About section)
– Backup and restore section improved
– Updated Kernel tweak profiles
– Added some code optimizations
– Updated Portuguese-BR translation
– Russian translation updated
– Updated Italian translation
– Other misc changes

– Boot service updated
– Added Portuguese BR
– Updated Portuguese
– Icon replaced with old one (Round icon is just for Pixel devices)
– Design updated

– Bug fixes and other improvements
– Added Android TV Support
– Added option for enabling/disabling push notifications
– Fixed sticking for some options
– Tweaks update
– Governor Tuner updated
– Boot service updated
– Translations updated
– Code size reduced
– Dashboard contents updated

– Updated busybox to v1.25.1
– Firebase updated to v10.0.0
– Added auto crash reporting
– Applied temporary fix for CPU Tuner
– Updated device support
– App rate threshold updated
– Fixed cleaner on boot
– Updated cleaner paths
– Governor tuner service updated
– Code size reduced
– Overall code update and fixed

– Code cleanup
– Profiles updated
– Added L Net profile
– App shortcuts updated
– Advanced reboot menu added
– SD Tweak updated
– Kernel tweaks updated
– Governor tuner updated
– Temporary fix for crash on boot
– Fixed kernel samepage merging

– Reboot menu removed
– Cleaner fixed
– Improved fstrim logging
– Fixed force closing on CPU Tuner
– Fixed current minfree update
– Profiles updated

– Design updated
– Improved app speed
– Fixed app bugs
– Governor tuner updated
– Added Scheduler tuner
– Log view moved to navigation drawer
– Kernel tweaks updated
– Ram manager updated
– Kernel samepage merging updated
– Widgets updated
– Boot service updated
– Added Advanced reboot menu
– Added app shortcuts for android 7.1
– Simple activity removed
– Added profiles on first app screen
– Battery improvement updated
– Disable debugging updated
– Removed useless tweaks
– CPU Optimizer updated
– Added mpdecision toggle
– Added CPU info
– Net buffers updated
– RIL tweaks updated
– Tcp tweaks updated
– IO Tweaks updated
– Heap optimization updated
– Runtime optimization updated
– Added colorblind mode
– Themes updated
– Ram manager updated
– Fstrim updated
– Logging updated
– Help section updated

– Fixed back button
– Increased time for showing rate snackbar

– Fixed activity closing after allowing ROOT and read/write storage permissions.

– Fixed FS trim fc on boot
– Updated Russian translation
– Updated Bosian translation

– Fixed FC on boot
– Fixed nav bar coloring

– Code cleanup
– Added bluedroid_timer wakelock
– Fixed strings for snackbars
– IO remount updated
– Runtime optimization updated
– Net buffers updated
– Disable debugging updated
– Improve battery updated
– Ram manager updated
– Updated background app limit
– Chinese translation updated
– Cache reclaiming moderate increased
– Added life cycles to all activities
– Fixed problem with app crashing on pressing battery usage button
– Design fixed

– Net buffers updated
– Runtime optimization updated
– Added NET TCP Tweak
– Donation and L Speed news moved in about section
– Added section for recommended apps
– Potential fix for fragments problem
– Korean translation updated
– Polish translation updated

– A lot of Bug fixes
– Improved Android N (7.0) support
– Added support for RTL languages
– Translations updated
– Fix NPE on Nexus 5x, 6p and 6
– BootReceiver updated, fix for MIUI
– Optimize L Speed app to work on all Chromebooks and non-touchscreen devices
– Code optimization
– Design updated
– Added Option for enabling Low RAM flag
– Added option for heap optimization
– Added text changing according to workout in splashscreen
– Added One plus 3 ram manager fix
– Added wakelock disabling options(Kernel support needed)
– Added runtime optimization, tuning for ART and Dalvik
– Added firebase push notifications
– Added keepScreenOn flags to all activities
– Removed disabling Dalvik code cache size on 1GB+ devices
– Better cleaning mechanism
– Better zRam implementation
– Added IO Tweaks support for UFS storage chip
– IO parameters updated
– Splashscreen updated
– Kernel tweaks updated
– Ram manager updated
– Google DNS updated
– RIL Tweaks updated
– Moderate cache reclaiming profile updated
– Battery improvement updated
– Disable debugging updated
– Logging updated
– Better call quality updated
– Fixed disappearing of assertive display
– Firebase implemented
– Removed clearing usagestats from cleaner
– Kernel sleepers updated
– Fixed FC after root checking
– Improved overall app speed
– Fixed Net buffers
– Libraries updated
– Added a button for live support from help section
– Ask for storage permission while setup L Speed
– Fixed Wifi sleeper
– Apply for a beta tester directly from an app
– Default boot execution time increased to 10secs after boot.

– Bug fix
– Code optimization
– Added notification on boot
– Improve battery updated
– Kernel tweaks updated
– Added zRAM Optimizations
– Added section for virtual memory
– IO Boost updated
– IO Extended queue update
– SD tweak update
– Added toggle for enable/disable boot notification
– Splashscreen updated
– Translations updated
– Added device info in splash screen
– Added button for battery usage
– Added circular progress bar for battery
– Update progress dialog in scripts execute
– Updated support with android N
– Backup&Restore update
– Added ability to change boot offset (Settings)
– BootReceiver updated
– Logs view updated
– Design update
– Sysctl update
– Seeder profiles update

– Bug fix
– Code optimization
– IO boost updated
– Kernel sleepers updated
– Added Polish translation
– Other translations updated


– Enabled simple mode
– Updated IO boost
– Flag tuner updated
– Splashscreen updated
– BootReceiver updated
– Translations updated
– Strings updated


– Code optimization and improvements
– Added Korean translation
– Translations updated
– BootReceiver updated
– Improve battery updated


– Major code improvements
– Added app tips
– Simple mode set to visible
– Removed disable dithering from battery improvement
– Disable debugging updated
– Change Fsync explanation
– Seeder profiles updated
– RIL Tweak updated
– Small net buffers updated
– Design updated
– Cache reclaiming spinner fixed
– Logs view fixed
– Battery information updated, now have fully diagnostics
– Ram manager update: now shows correct information (Compatible with new android kernels)
– Battery calibration updated
– Added a spinner for SD tweak
– Toolbox updated
– Cleaner on boot updated
– Boost now updated
– Translations updated
– MFK calculation updated
– Fstrim widget updated
– Improve battery tweak updated
– Kernel tweaks updated
– Layouts updated
– Splashscreen code reworked
– Better image quality updated
– Fast streaming updated
– Better scrolling updated
– Fast dormancy updated, removed no toggle for radio
– Settings fragment updated
– Liquid UI updated
– Kernel sleepers optimization updated
– KSM/UKSM updated, scanning pages reduced and time for scan increased
– Fixed delete backup
– RAM profiles updated
– UKSM and KSM merged in one (have the same workout)


– Code optimized
– Translations updated
– Kernel tweaks updated, vm for swap and zram reconfigured
– Removed disabling ram dump mode, it leads to brick a device, mostly samsung
– IO Extended queue updated, value reduced for a half, show better result and also give much more stability
– Improve battery updated, removed power saving for radio, because it can cause problem with RIL
– Updated disable debugging
– Update Backup&Restore fragment
– Fsync toggle separated from Kernel tweaks
– Remove blackscreen fix, cause sensor keep awake all the time
– Liquid UI updated, touch pressure reduced
– Disable debugging updated, vm.block_dump moved from kernel tweaks
– Cleaning app cache fixed, no more left overs
– Junk clener updated, also added a loading dialog because operation can take longer.
– Dalvik cache cleaner updated


– Code Optimization
– Added UKSM support
– Added widget resizing support
– Added button for clearing log in log view fragment
– Added a button for saving log on SD instead of overflow menu
– Support library updated
– Backup&restore updated
– Logging updated
– Translations updated
– Fixed losing current fragment on screen rotation
– Spinners fixed
– Overflow menu in logs view fragment reverted
– ‘Ok’ button moved to right side on all AlertDialogs
– Fixed white statusbar color on no_root activity
– GSDF removed
– Removed overflow menu from L Speed news (useless)


– Speed and code optimizations
– FStrim, RAM manager, and Seeder moved to a new fragment
– Ram profiles updated
– Redesigned app icon and widget
– New icon for ‘Boost Now’
– Added a new implementation for applying tweaks, using JSON for faster tweaking
– Translations updated
– Added Turkish, Croatian, Slovenian, and Greek translation
– Added dialog for wiping app cache

– Removed unneeded root checking
– Added switch for changing temperature unit (Celsius / Fahrenheit)
– Fixed FC on enabling GSDF
– Toolbox update (an in-app Busybox)
– Zipalign removed
– Faster setting up on boot
– Changed icon for Backup & Restore
– Color navigation bar will be hidden for devices running Android version lower than Lollipop


-Added explanation dialog on long click
-Added News fragment
-Added Settings menu
-Added optional navigation bar coloring
-Added force English button
-Added option to enable/disable toggle toasts
-Added logs view fragment
-Added progress bar while loading web content
-Added double press back to exit
-Added loading dialog for fstrim
-Added Czech translation
-Added French translation
-Added Spanish dialog translation
-Set visibility to gone for features which doesn’t supported on the device
-Assertive display fix, there is no .cfg file execution, moved to the different location.
-Disable logcats merged with disable debuggers
-Check changelog in about section changed with translating section
-All logs grouped in one file BootReceiver updated(remove log file before starting a new cycle)
-Lib updated
-Updated German translation
-Updated Portuguese translation
-Updated Russian translation
-Updated Italian translation
-Logging updated(timing added)
-Fsync path updated
-Fsync logging updated
-Updated battery information card(show if battery exists or not)
-Updated reset to default(will not change configuration of settings fragment)
-Cache allocation updated
-Flag tuner updated
-KSM logging fixed
-LiquidUI updated
-Removed extra min free kbytes calculation
-Added few if statements to avoid NPE at some objects, no more force-closes (if anyone had it)
-Removed net protection
-Changed color for navigation bar on splashscreen to semi-transparent


-Added Italian translation

-Added Spanish translation

-Added Indonesian translation

-Added Russian translation

-Added Portuguese(Brazil) translation

-Added Dutch translation

-Added German translation

-Code optimization

-Assertive display updated to v1.3

-GSDF added back

-Added theme switcher

-Design update

-RIL tweaking updated

-Kernel tweaking updated

-Logging updated

-BootReceiver updated,less RAM usage

-Removed Google play services drain fix (Issues with bootReceiver)

-Under the hood optimization
– Fixed bootReceiver
– Fixed problem with scrolling cache
– Fixed assertive display
– Fixed zipalign script
– Added widget resizing support
– Added intent to reload L Speed after back settings to default
– Removed zram toggle
– Removed useless mounting RO/RW
– Logging updated
– DNS tweak updated
– IO Boost updated
– Fast Dormancy updated

-Core scripts updated
-Fixed bug with RAM Manager profiles
-Fixed WIFI problem

-Fixed widget buttonsv1.3.7.1
-Bug fixes
-Core scripts updated
-UI changes
-Fixed heating


-Bug fixes
-Added permission check on BootReceiver
-SD read-ahead size decreased
-Balanced ram manager profile updated
-Net Protection updated
-Kernel tweaks updated
-Kernel samepage merging updated
-Licence changed to Apache 2.0


-Fixed bugs and squished possibility of bugs
-Several tweaks to UI
-New feature : Backup & restore configuration
-Updated scripts
-Under the hood changes and improvements


-Some minor fixes


-Initial playstore version

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