L Speed

Improve performances, extend battery life

Changelog beta

– Doze service improved
– Kernel tweaks separated in profiles
– Added Fstrim scheduler
– Added Governor tuner execution timer control
– Added Boost scheduler
– Fixed disable motion sensor log
– Updated IO Tweak
– Updated Governor tuner
– Updated Boot receiver

– Doze service improved
– Kernel tweaks separated in profiles
– Boot receiver updated

– Doze service updated
– Removed keep screen on while user is in app
– IO Boost updated
– Governor tuner updated
– Balanced RAM profile updated

– Updated battery calibration
– Updated improve battery
– Updated disable debugging
– Updated KSM, less aggressive
– Updated kernel tweaks
– Updated Kernel sleepers optimization
– Fixed cluster on governor tuner
– Updated Romanian translation
– Various stability changes

– Fixed crashing on doze service
– Improved NET Tcp tweaks
– Added NET Speed+
– Updated French translation
– Updated scheduler tuner
– Updated partition remount
– Updated kernel tweaks
– Updated governor tuner

– Improved doze service
– Improved governor tuner starting up
– Updated package replaced service
– Updated disable motion sensor description
– Added Romanian translation
– Fixed wakelock toggle states

– Updated Governor tuner
– Updated KSM parameters
– Updated IO boost
– Updated Kernel tweaks
– Updated Portuguese(BR) translation
– Updated Russian translation
– Overall code fixes and improvements

– Cleaner updated
– Overall code fixes and improvements

– Cleaner updated
– Design updated
– Kernel tweaks updated
– Battery improvement updated
– Bug fixes and improvements

– Fixed some bugs in design
– Governor tuner service improved

– Improved Doze service
– Design updated
– Governor tuner updated
– Updated kernel tweaks
– IO Tweaks updated
– Fixed log output
– French translation updated

– Improved Doze service
– Fixed lags on turning screen on while disable motion is enabled
– Fixed crash in background from Governor tuner
– Updated kernel tweaks

– Fixed crash on Backup and restore
– Fixed enabling tweaks on profile change
– Doze service updated, fixed bugs
– Fixed disabling aggressive doze on 6.0.1
– Fixed NPE on govTuner receiver
– Misc changes and fixes

– Removed misc section
– Added Light Doze optimizations(6.0+)
– Added Aggressive doze toggle(6.0+)
– Added Disable motion detection(6.0+)
– Added CRC Check mechanism
– Backup and restore improved
– Russian translation updated
– Kernel tweaks updated
– Help section updated
– GovTuner updated
– Minor bugs fixed

– Added Schedtune booster
– Added DPI Changer (Misc section)
– GovTuner updated
– RAM Manager updated
– Partition remount updated
– Fixed some app crashing
– Removed 3072kb readAhead from SD Tweak and fixed crashing
– Updated runtime optimizations
– Updated Portuguese-BR translation
– Updated Italian translation
– Updated Kernel tweak profiles
– Added some code optimizations

– SD Tweak updated, fixed crashing
– Disable debuggers fixed
– Virtual memory updated
– IO Boost updated
– Scheduler tuner updated
– Extend IO queue updated

– Bug fixes
– Updated boot service
– Improve battery updated
– IO Boost updated
– CPU Optimization updated
– Fixed kernel tweaks
– Added script execution after restoring backup
– Added in app changelog(About section)
– Backup and restore section improved
– Other misc changes

v1.4.4 beta11
– Bug fixing
– Translations updated

v1.4.4 beta10
– Fixed crashing on seeder opening
– Possible fix for crash on boot
– Governor Tuner updated

v1.4.4 beta9
– Small bugs fixed
– Translations updated
– Boot service updated
– Battery calibration updated
– Added option for enabling/disabling push notifications.
– Reduced waiting time on LaunchScreen
– Fixed sticking for some options

v1.4.4 beta8
– Governor tuner updated
– Added Android TV Support
– Icon updated
– Color blind mode updated
– Fixed backup&restore
– Applied various bug fixes

v1.4.4 beta7
– Updated CPU paths
– Possible fix for crash on CPU info
– Backup&restore updated, ability to save profile with name longer than one word
– Updated zram optimization, fixed crash on boot
– Kernel tweaks updated
– Governor tuner updated
– Turkish translation updated
– Strings updated
– Disable debugging updated
– Fixed viewing logs for fstrim and main log (requires reinstalling or manually removing of log files)

v1.4.4 beta6
– Fixed checking if file exists
– Fixed problem with reading live parameters
– Governor tuner service updated
– SD Tweak fixed
– IO Tweak fixed
– Fixed possible causer of NPE
– Code improvements

v1.4.4 beta5
– Fixed permissions of log files
– Fixed log view
– Updated battery info
– Possible fix for crash on dashboard
– Battery calibration updated

v1.4.4 beta4
– Bug fixes
– Code optimizations
– App speed improvements
– Governor tuner updated
– Fixed problem with crashing on CPU Tuner
– CPU Info fixed, updating every second
– Updated root permissions
– Firebase updated
– Displaying ads updated
– Fixed logging problem
– Fixed Fstrim logging problem

v1.4.4 beta3
– Base updated
– Code size reduced
– Updated Portuguese translation
– Possible fix for crashing on Governor tuner service
– Added date of saving log on sdcard
– Kernel tweaks updated
– Zram updated

v1.4.4 beta 2
– Fixed some file reading
– Fixed battery calibration
– Updated busybox extracting
– Fixed Boost now widget and button
– Updated recommended section
– Added Ukrainian translation
– Fixed CPU info
– Possible fix for governor tuner
– Fix for bluedroid wakelock

v1.4.4 beta 1
– Updated boost now, fixed crashing
– Updated boost now widget, fixed crashing
– Possible fix for SD tweak, fixed crashing
– Added health cold state
– Added Plugged to wireless charger
– More fixes for crashing on dashboard

v1.3.10 beta 2
– GovTuner bugfix
– Updated boot service

v1.3.10 beta 1
– Integrated GovTuner
– Added support for 7.1.1 android
– Updated busybox to v1.25.1
– Updated Serbian translation
– Updated Bosnian translation

v1.3.9.8 beta 23
– Cleaner fixed
– Boot service updated

v1.3.9.8 beta 21
– Log view updated
– Translations updated
– Added tweaks for dm-x blocks
– Fix for crashing on tips activity
– shared preferences updated
– Fixed app cache cleaner (Need testing)
– Boot services updated
– Removed setprop for disabling ANR history
– Changed rq_affinity to less aggressive
– IO Extended queue fixed
– add_random set to 0 for all IO blocks

v1.3.9.8 beta 20
– RAM Manager FC fix
– Fsync paths updated
– Logger paths updated

v1.3.9.8 beta 19
– Fixed fc on opening ram manager
– Added missing quote in zram
– GovernorTuner is hidden for next two stable releases
– Translations updated
– Removed support for Android 4.0, 4.0.1, 4.0.2, minSdk = 15
– Heap optimizaer updated
– Kernel tweaks updated
– Disable debugging updated
– Ram manager updated

v1.3.9.8 beta 18
– Fix NPE on Nexus 5x, 6p and 6
– BootReceiver updated, fix for MIUI
– Updated snackbar text for wakelocks
– Cleaner paths updated
– page_cluster for zram in kernel profiles updated
– removed addRandom disabling from storage blocks
– Disable debugging updated
– Added runtime optimization, tuning for ART and Dalvik
– Partition remount updated
– zRAM updated
– Translations updated
– Code optimization

v1.3.9.8 beta 17
– Added permission for reading battery stats
– Support libs update
– Added Option for enabling Low RAM flag
– Added option for heap optimization
– Added text changing according to workout in splashscreen
– Removed get defaults(resource hangry)
– Fixed some NPE
– Removed disabling Dalvik code cache size on 1GB+ devices
– Added wakelock disabling options(Kernel support needed)
– Translations updated
– Optimize L Speed app to work on all Chromebooks and non-touchscreen devices
– Fixed webView
– Updated backup&restore

v1.3.9.8 beta 16
– Translations updated
– Cleaner updated
– Removed icon from cancel action on boot notification
– Fixed zRAM failed execution and ANR causer
– Default boot execution time increased to 10secs after boot.
– FastRun in RAM manager enabled for all supported devices
– Fixed log output for heavy kernel tweaks
– Set priority to high for FireBase push notifications

v1.3.9.8 beta 15
– Translations updated
– Updated snackbar text for switching profiles
– Added keepScreenOn flags to all activities, this will prevent users from pulling out batteries on heavy workout in LS
– Updated Backup and restore
– Admob amd Firebase implemented
– Added firebase push notifications
– RAM manager updated
– Logging updated
– Better call quality updated
– Design updated
– Profiles updated
– zRam optimization updated
– Cleaner fixed

v1.3.9.8 beta 14
– Strings update
– Implementation of GovTuner (just construction)
– Fixed kernel tweaks
– Apply for a beta tester directly from an app
– Fixed zram support
– Fixed Wifi sleeper

Not working:
– Backup&Restore
– Cleaner

v1.3.9.8 beta 13
– Bugfixes
– Code cleanup and organisation
– Swedish translation updated
– Ask for storage permission while setup L Speed
– Added a button for live support from help section
– Fixed Partition remount
– FSTrim updated
– Added Finnish translation

Not working:
– Backup&Restore
– Cleaner

v1.3.9.8 beta 12
– RIL Tweaks updated, removed ro.ril.hsxpa since users have a problem with changing network mode
– Zram code improved
– Google DNS Updated
– Moderate cache reclaiming profile updated
– Splashscreen updated
– Cleaner mechanism updated

v1.3.9.8 beta 11
– Libraries updated
– Kernel sleepers updated, added arch power saving
– Possible fix for IO Tweaks force close on opening

v1.3.9.8 beta 10
– Splashscreen updated
– Disabled getDefault values (possible fix for FC on app launch and not starting on boot)
– Fixed Net buffers
– Translations updated

v1.3.9.8 beta 9
– Possible fix for force closing on Virtual Memory
– Serbian translation updated

v1.3.9.8 beta 8
– Possible fix for VM force closing
– zRAM update
– Updated DefinedValues.java possible fixes for NPE and FC
– Added sharedPrefs for deviceSupport
– Improved overall app speed
– Swedish translation updated

v1.3.9.8 beta 7
– A lot of bug fixes
– Fixed few app force closing
– Battery improvement updated
– Ram profiles updated, changed background app limit per profile
– Added Swedish translation
– Added Serbian translation
– Fast dormancy switch fixed
– Google DNS updated
– RIL Tweaks updated
– zRAM updated

v1.3.9.8 beta 6
– Temporary fix for bootloop till cleaner is not fixed
– Possible fix for FC after root checking
– Fixed script update
– Possible fix for reverting options to default after app reopening
– Italian strings updated
– SD Tweak updated, code improved
– Cleaner updated
– Fixed problem in RAM manager
– Korean strings updated

v1.3.9.8 beta 5
– Temporary fix for Virtual memory force closing
– Fast charge enabling endless loop fixed
– Added IO Tweaks support for UFS storage chip
– Kernel sleepers updated
– Kernel sleepers logs updated
– SD Tweak updated
– IO Boost updated
– zRam updated
– Added B&H translation

v1.3.9.8 beta 4
– FStrim on boot updated
– Fixed problem with Enabling/Disabling WIFI Sleeper
– Fixed problem with disabling Kernel sleepers
– Possible fix for force close on Virtual memory
– Possible fix for force close on Dashboard

v1.3.9.8 beta 3
– Fix for CPU Tuner
– Fix for disabling IO Remount
– Removed clearing usagestats from cleaner
– Possible fix for force close on Virtual memory
– Disabled SD Tweak, Cleaner on boot, Fstrim on boot

v1.3.9.8 beta 2
– Prevent from unnecessary load switches if device don’t support it
– Kernel tweaks updated
– Ram manager updated
– Fixed FC on disabling kernel tweaks
– Fixed FC on disabling cleaner and fstrim
– Fixed disappearing of assertive display

v1.3.9.8 beta 1
– A lot of Bug fixes
– Added support for RTL languages
– Code optimization
– Translations updated
– Improvements to Cleaner dialogs
– Added One plus 3 ram manager fix
– Better cleaning mechanism
– Changes to SD Tweak, readaheads are now calculated automatically by the app (currently disabled)
– IO parameters updated
– Better zRam implementation
– Improved Android N (7.0) support
– Ability to revert default parameters just with turning off a tweak
– Switch button state based on real time state

v1.3.9.7 beta4
– Removed some useless info from dashboard
– Remove cancel button when is cancelled or when is complete (Statusbar notification)
– Improve battery updated
– Kernel tweaks updated
– Zram optimization updated
– Added section for virtual memory

v1.3.9.7 beta3
– IO Boost updated
– zRAM updated
– Added toggle for enable/disable boot notification
– Splashscreen updated
– Translations updated
– Added device info in splash screen
– Added button for battery usage
– Added circular progress bar for battery
– Update progress dialog in scripts execute

v1.3.9.7 beta2
– Code optimization
– Updated support with android N
– Backup&Restore update
– Added notification on boot
– Added ability to change boot offset (Settings)
– Strings update
– BootReceiver updated
– Logs view updated
– Design update
– Kernel tweaks updated (FS part)
– Zram optimization fixed
– Splashscreen updated

v1.3.9.7 beta1
– Added zRAM Optimizations
– Sysctl update
– Boot receiver update
– Added permissions change for createTextFile
– Translations update
– IO Boost update
– IO Extended queue update
– SD tweak update
– Seeder profiles update
– Kernel tweaks update

v1.3.9.3 beta6
– Code optimization
– Minor code improvements at SplashScreen
– Rate snackbar code updated
– Added ok button at thanks for rate snackbar
– Added app tips
– Simple mode set to visible
– Removed disable dithering from battery improvement
– Disable debugging updated
– Change Fsync explanation

v1.3.9.3 beta5
– Code optimization
– Seeder profiles updated
– RIL Tweak updated
– Disable debuggers updated
– Small net buffers updated
– Design updated

v1.3.9.3 beta4
– Major code improvements
– Cache reclaiming spinner fixed
– Logs view fixed
– Added APP TIPS on first app launch (testing)
– Battery information updated, now have fully diagnostics
– Ram manager update: now shows correct information (Compatible with new android kernels)
– Battery calibration updated

v1.3.9.3 beta3
– Minor code improvements
– Added a spinner for SD tweak
– Toolbox updated
– Cleaner on boot updated
– Boost now updated
– Translations updated
– MFK calculation updated
– Fstrim widget updated
– Improve battery tweak updated
– Kernel tweaks updated
– Info dialog added. It will appear on a clean app installation or after update (Just for a test in this beta)
– Layouts updated
– Splashscreen code reworked
– Better image quality updated
– Fast streaming updated
– Better scrolling updated
– Fast dormancy updated, removed no toggle for radio
– Settings fragment updated

v1.3.9.3 beta2
– Liquid UI updated
– MFK calculation updated
– Translations updated
– Kernel sleepers optimization updated
– KSM/UKSM updated, scanning pages reduced and time for scan increased
– Read ahead reduced to 256 (More stability)

v1.3.9.3 beta1
– Fixed delete backup
– Kernel tweaks updated
– SD tweak updated, read-ahead changed to 2048kb
– RAM profiles updated, MFK calculation changed
– UKSM and KSM merged in one (have the same workout)
– Enlarger seeder profile updated

v1.3.9.2 beta2
– Removed disabling ram dump mode, it leads to brick a device, mostly samsung
– IO Extended queue updated, value reduced for a half, show better result and also give much more stability
– Improve battery updated, removed power saving for radio, because it can cause problem with RIL
– Updated disable debugging
– Update Backup&Restore fragment
– Fsync toggle separated from Kernel tweaks
– Remove blackscreen fix, cause sensor keep awake all the time
– Liquid UI updated, touch pressure reduced
– Disable debugging updated, vm.block_dump moved from kernel tweaks
– Cleaning app cache fixed, no more left overs
– Junk cleaner updated, also added a loading dialog because operation can take longer.

v1.3.9 beta3
– Speed improvements
– Code optimization
– FStrim moved to another fragment
– Ram manager moved to fragment
– Ram profiles updated
– Seeder manager moved to fragment
– App icon redesigned
– New icon for boost now
– JSON implementation updated
– Translations updated
– Added Turkish translation

v1.3.9 beta2
– Speed improvements
– Code optimization
– Added dialog for wiping app cache
– Removed useless root checking
– Added switch for changing temperature unit
– Fixed FC on enabling GSDF

v1.3.9 beta1
-Json implementation
-Code optimization
-Translations update
-Added Croatian
-Added Slovenian
-Added Greek
-Toolbox update (busybox in app)
-Zipalign removed
-Faster setting up on boot
-Changed icon for backup&restore
-Color navigation bar will be hidden for devices under Lollipop

v1. beta7
-Removed net protection
-Fixed show toggle toast
-Changed color for navigation bar on splashscreen to semi-transparent
-Add optional navigation bar coloring
-Added if statements for switches to determinate if device support it or not. If no, disable the button
-UpdatedGerman translation
-Updated reset to default(will not change configuration of settings fragment)

v1. beta6
-Updated Russian translation
-Added progress bar while loading web content
-Added option to enable/disable toggle toasts.
-Fixed colors for navigation bar on both themes
-Added double press back to exit
-Updated Portuguese translation
-Cache allocation updated
-LiquidUI updated
-Grammar corrections applied

v1. beta5
-Added News fragment
-Changed color of navigation bar
-Added logs view fragment
-Updated Portuguese translation
-Updated Italian
-Updated German translation

v1. beta4
-Added Spanish dialog translation
-Added Czech dialog translation
-Updated German translation
-Updated Portuguese translation
-Updated Italian translation
-KSM logging fixed

v1. beta3
-Little fix up for stings
-Added force English button
-Added settings menu
-Removed overflow menu options from settings and B&R fragment
-All logs grouped in one file BootReceiver updated(remove log file before starting a new cycle)
-Logging updated(timing added)
-Fsync path updated
-Fsync logging updated
-Disable logcats merged with disable debuggers
-Buttons for change theme and force English moved to settingsFragment
-Check changelog in about section changed with translating section
-Updated all strings with translations for new things (sorry if I messed up. google translate)

v1. beta2
-Flag tuner updated
-Long click on whole card view for spinners will show info dialog.
-Added few if statements to avoid NPE at some objects, no more force-closes (if anyone had it)
-Assertive display fix, there is no .cfg file execution, moved to the different location. (Needs uninstall)
-Updated explanations for flag tuner, kernel sleepers optimization and added some missed things.

v1. beta1
-Lib updated
-Added Czech translation
-Removed extra min free kbytes calculation
-Added explanation dialog on long click

v1.3.8 beta4
-OOM Dump task removed from kernel tweaks, already exist in OOM Killer
-Added german translation
-Assertive display updated to v1.3
-Added fix for dutch
-Kernel tweaks update

v1.3.8 beta3

v1.3.8 beta2
-Updated design stuff
-KSM updated, scan less pages with increased time. This will reduce battery drain while –doing merging.
-IO Boost updated
-IO remount updated
-Removed useless things from kernel sleepers
-Fixed strict mode reference (disable logcatsscript)
-Scrolling tweak updated
-Removed dual transfer mode, useless for newer devices
-Removed useless stuff from ril tweaks
-Added default DNS for wifi too.
-Flag tuner updated
-Disabled LMK auto calculation
-CheckJni disabled
-Removed ’causers’ of bootloop for some devices
-Disabled dalvik debug monitor
-Change permission of minfree before reading because of fc on some ROMs
-Fixed color for splashscreen when theme is changed
-Disabled ram dump
-Added radio power save
-Added calculation for extra free kbytes
-Added file-max recommended calculation
-Changed dirty parameters to be close to default
-Added Dutch translation
-Hardware acceleration change removed, will keep default
-Updated balanced profile

v1.3.8 beta1
-Code optimization
-Added theme switcher
-BootReceiver updated, now use much more less ram on boot
-GSDF reverted back
-Updated zipalign binary, compatible with marshmallow
-Added more info on dashboard
-Added Italian translation
-Added Spanish translation
-Added Indonesian translation
-Added Russian translation
-Added Portuguese(Brazil) translation

v1.3.7.4 beta4
-Fixed swappiness changing and updated the logging for it.
-It works now on this way:
-Script will determine if device use swap, zram or neither then set swappiness according to this.
-Why this needed a change?
Some device users have both zram and swap, and someone disabled zram to use swap.
Where is the problem?
On previous script it checks if zram0 exist then set up the parameter based on if yes, if not.
Now it checks if there is file /proc/swaps if yes check if is zram or swap enabled then set swappiness, else if file doesn’t exist, set swappiness to 0 because it’s useless, nothing to swap. Also there is nice logging for swappiness.

-Fixed problem with scrolling cache
-Fixed assertive display
-Removed useless mounting RO/RW
-Changed path of busybox
-Renamed folder to logs instead of LOGS, because it looks nicer xD
-Added zipalign binary into binaries folder
-Fixed zipalign script
-Added missing stuff
-Added intent to reload L Speed after back to default
-Updated logging on wifi sleeper
-Cpu optimizer
-Fixed mistake in if statement
-Removed change for cpu_shares from CPU optimization because it’s unchangeable.
-bootReceiver fixed
-Added a fix in Net protection
-Removed useless panic parameter, seems removed from the kernel long time ago

v1.3.7.4 beta3
-All script files optimized
-DNS tweak
-Removed messing up with resolve.conf because it’s a possible reason of network problem
-Removed permission change in kernel tweaks
-Removed PKSM
-Removed support for UKSM (waiting for default parameters)
-Updated logging for force fast charge.
-Kernel tweaks update
– Better logging for fsync
– Parameters change for a next test cycle
-IO boost
– Removed rotational parameter change.

v1.3.7.4 beta2
-Removed unnecessary variables from LNet Optimizer
-Added better permission change inside the kernel tweaks light and heavy
-Added possible fix for enabling fast dormancy
-Added some experiential values to test updated MFK calculator
-IO boost updated – add_random
-In some cases, the overhead of I/O events contributing to the entropy pool for /dev/random is measurable. In such cases, it may be desirable to set this value to 0.
-Kernel samepage merging updated. added support for PKSM and UKSM, also added fixes in logging.
-Io remount updated, removed useless stuff
-Removed zram from the app, since there is no reason for it, and cause more bad than good. -I will leave this to kernel developers to set up the size of zram because they know what is the best for their devices. I can’t make it universal.
-Also users without zram will fall in infinite loop in script executing because zram script cannot be loaded.

v1.3.7.4 beta1
-Fixed problem with buffer switching on LNet optimizer
-Widget resizing support
-Changed some designing stuff

v1.3.6 beta2
-Added threading wile opening cpu tuner menu
-Fixed link for cleaner menu

v1.3.6 beta1
-Code cleanup
-lib versions updated to the latest
-Added icons for help and about menu in nav_bar
-Added material design switches support for pre-lollipop devices
-Changed text for battery calibration snackbar, shows one line instead of two
-Close the app if doesn’t have su (experimental)
-Fixed grammar
-Added backup&restore (experimental)

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