It’s that time of the year again, a new stable update finally lands after a long time of pause. As always, the update brings upon us some sweet treat to experience and like many other updates, it gives us an enhanced stability and bug fixes.

There’s a hefty list of changes for this update, some of them includes several new features such as Doze optimizations and tweaking, including Aggressive Doze feature, and a feature known as “Schedtune booster” used to amplify the performance of your device even further.

Of course, there are a lot of other update and fixes, mainly things such as GovTuner, RAM manager, I/O Boost, and CPU Optimizations. Their update should bring you increased overall experience with the app and will definitely improve your device’s performance.

There has been numerous beta release before, and users using the beta version / release are recommended to update to the stable version for a more enjoyable ride with less issue along the way.

The update should now be live in Play Store, check your app listing and get ready to hit the update button for some exciting surprise ahead!

As a reference, here’s the full changelog:
– Bug fixes
– Added Schedtune booster
– Added Light Doze optimizations(6.0+)
– Added Aggressive doze toggle(6.0+)
– Added Disable motion detection(6.0+)
– Added CRC Check mechanism
– Backup and restore improved
– Help section updated
– Minor bugs fixed
– GovTuner updated
– RAM Manager updated
– Partition remount updated
– Fixed some app crashing
– Updated boot service
– Improve battery updated
– IO Boost updated
– Removed 3072kb readAhead from SD Tweak and fixed crashing
– Updated runtime optimizations
– Scheduler tuner updated
– Extend IO queue updated
– CPU Optimization updated
– Fixed kernel tweaks
– Disable debuggers fixed
– Virtual memory updated
– Added script execution after restoring backup
– Added in app changelog(About section)
– Backup and restore section improved
– Updated Kernel tweak profiles
– Added some code optimizations
– Updated Portuguese-BR translation
– Russian translation updated
– Updated Italian translation
– Other misc changes