Another update after a while, we worked hard on this update and implemented tons of new things. At first launch, you can see a new and cool welcome screen for new users alike. Next, you can see the newly implemented Simple Mode, this is used mostly for users with little or zero knowledge about the app, it’s very easy to set up(This is just a presentation of Simple Mode), however, if you are not a fan of the new Simple Mode, continue on reading, we have something more to show.

Open up Settings from the overflow (three dots) menu and enable the switch to use ‘Advanced UI’. There’s some stuff updated in Advanced UI (the previously used default UI), such as the updated battery information on the Dashboard that will catch and report every health problem reported by the system. RAM manager is also updated to fix compatibility with the newest Android kernel. Another thing that is updated is Battery Calibration utility, now it won’t allow any calibration unless the battery is 100% charger, this prevents any false calibration that’ll drain the battery faster.

As with any general update, app code is updated and optimized for better user experience. We did so much more, just check new update, you will see the flood of changes.

– Major code improvements
– Added app tips
– Simple mode set to visible
– Removed disable dithering from battery improvement
– Disable debugging updated
– Change Fsync explanation
– Seeder profiles updated
– RIL Tweak updated
– Small net buffers updated
– Design updated
– Cache reclaiming spinner fixed
– Logs view fixed
– Battery information updated, now have fully diagnostics
– Ram manager update: now shows correct information (Compatible with new android kernels)
– Battery calibration updated
– Added a spinner for SD tweak
– Toolbox updated
– Cleaner on boot updated
– Boost now updated
– Translations updated
– MFK calculation updated
– Fstrim widget updated
– Improve battery tweak updated
– Kernel tweaks updated
– Layouts updated
– Splashscreen code reworked
– Better image quality updated
– Fast streaming updated
– Better scrolling updated
– Fast dormancy updated, removed no toggle for radio
– Settings fragment updated
– Liquid UI updated
– Kernel sleepers optimization updated
– KSM/UKSM updated, scanning pages reduced and time for scan increased
– Fixed delete backup
– RAM profiles updated
– UKSM and KSM merged in one (have the same workout)

Thank you as always for using L Speed.