The update brings minor changes and a bugfix.

– Code optimized
– Translations updated
– Kernel tweaks updated, vm for swap and zram reconfigured
– Removed disabling ram dump mode, it leads to brick a device, mostly samsung
– IO Extended queue updated, value reduced for a half, show better result and also give much more stability
– Improve battery updated, removed power saving for radio, because it can cause problem with RIL
– Updated disable debugging
– Update Backup&Restore fragment
– Fsync toggle separated from Kernel tweaks
– Remove blackscreen fix, cause sensor keep awake all the time
– Liquid UI updated, touch pressure reduced
– Disable debugging updated, vm.block_dump moved from kernel tweaks
– Cleaning app cache fixed, no more left overs
– Junk clener updated, also added a loading dialog because operation can take longer.
– Dalvik cache cleaner updated