A month has passed since the last major L Speed update, minor beta updates often rolls out for a daring user to try and peek at the newer changes. Some users prefer to stick in the stable, Play Store release for an assured stability, now the patience of these users has been well paid since a new version is up on Play Store.

The update brings yet another major changes to the table, refreshing the Play Store page of L Speed with huge load of changes. There might not be much on the surface, but we spent a lot of effort into making this update, most of the changes done are mostly under the hood and not interface changes.

Here’s the full changes we did for this version :
– Speed and code optimizations
– FStrim, RAM manager, and Seeder moved to a new fragment
– Ram profiles updated
– Redesigned app icon and widget
– New icon for ‘Boost Now’
– Added a new implementation for applying tweaks, using JSON for faster tweaking
– Translations updated
– Added Turkish, Croatian, Slovenian, and Greek translation
– Added dialog for wiping app cache
– Removed unneeded root checking
– Added switch for changing temperature unit (Celsius / Fahrenheit)
– Fixed FC on enabling GSDF
– Toolbox update (an in-app Busybox)
– Zipalign removed
– Faster setting up on boot
– Changed icon for Backup & Restore
– Color navigation bar will be hidden for devices running Android version lower than Lollipop

The update should be up on Play Store, it may take a while for the servers to push the update, but once it is out, you’re recommended to update it.