After almost 20 days L Speed received a new update. This massive changes will improve user experience and also your devices performance and battery life.
A lot of new features have been added such as:
– Explanation dialogs at long click, all what you need to do is to press and hold an option to reveal its function in a dialog. Everything is well explained so you will not fall in doubt what to enable, and what to disable
– Added a new ‘News’ fragment in L Speed, it allows you to follow the L Speed blog, check recent releases and changelogs, and also download beta or stable releases directly
– Added Settings menu which holds all optional settings for the app
– Optional navigation bar coloring will allow you to change the color of navigation bar in L Speed app, this option works only on Android 5.0+, only on devices with navigation bar and it’ll be hidden on devices with older Android version (lower than 5.0)
– Force English option to use English as the app language (instead of your current system language)
– Option for toggling toast visibility
– Logs view fragments allows you to check whether L Speed is properly executing and the time of execution itself, you can find it in overflow (three dots) menu

L Speed is evolving and improving, more things will be up in the list somewhere in near future

Interview: HERE

-Added explanation dialog on long click
-Added News fragment
-Added Settings menu
-Added optional navigation bar coloring
-Added force English button
-Added option to enable/disable toggle toasts
-Added logs view fragment
-Added progress bar while loading web content
-Added double press back to exit
-Added loading dialog for fstrim
-Added Czech translation
-Added French translation
-Added Spanish dialog translation
-Set visibility to gone for features which doesn’t supported on the device
-Assertive display fix, there is no .cfg file execution, moved to the different location.
-Disable logcats merged with disable debuggers
-Check changelog in about section changed with translating section
-All logs grouped in one file BootReceiver updated(remove log file before starting a new cycle)
-Lib updated
-Updated German translation
-Updated Portuguese translation
-Updated Russian translation
-Updated Italian translation
-Logging updated(timing added)
-Fsync path updated
-Fsync logging updated
-Updated battery information card(show if battery exists or not)
-Updated reset to default(will not change configuration of settings fragment)
-Cache allocation updated
-Flag tuner updated
-KSM logging fixed
-LiquidUI updated
-Removed extra min free kbytes calculation
-Added few if statements to avoid NPE at some objects, no more force-closes (if anyone had it)
-Removed net protection
-Changed color for navigation bar on splashscreen to semi-transparent

Downloads are available on Google play and android file hosts.